Lunch Specials

Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

煲仔靚飯 Clay Pot Rice

金銀蒜茄子 Eggplant with Minced Garlic
鹹蛋肉餅 Meatloaf and Salty Egg Yolk
臘腸鷄片 Chicken and Chinese Sausage
南瓜山藥 Pumpkin and Chinese Yam
宮保鷄 Kung Pao Chicken
鍋蛋牛肉 Beef Meatloaf and Egg
冬菜牛肉 Beef and Preserved Vegetables
凉瓜牛肉 Beef with Bitter Melon
豉汁排骨 Spare Ribs in a Black Bean Sauce
刴椒魚片 Fish with Pickled Peppers
北菇滑鷄 Chicken with Black Mushrooms
义燒 Roasted Pork
鹹魚肉餅 Meatloaf and Salty Fish
油鷄 Soy Sauce Chicken
醬爆雙丁 Shrimp and Chicken in Bean Sauce
燒鴨 Roasted Duck
湖南牛肉 Hunan Beef
燒 肉飯 Roasted Pig

Entrée (Served with Rice)

Szechuan Shrimp | Hunan Shrimp | Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Kung Pao Chicken | Szechuan Chicken | Hunan Chicken
Chicken in Garlic Sauce | Chicken with Broccoli
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables | Sesame Chicken

Szechuan Beef | Hunan Beef
Beef with Broccoli | Beef with Mixed Vegetables
Beef with Green Bell Pepper

Roast Pork with Broccoli | Pork in Garlic Sauce
Sweet & Sour Pork | Moo Shu Pork ( with 2 pancakes )

Ma Po Tofu | Moo Shu Vegetables ( with 2 pancakes )
Mixed Vegetables | Sautéed String Bean

碟頭飯 Rice Bowls

咖喱牛腩 Curry Beef Brisket | 時菜肉片 Slice Pork with Vegetables
咖喱鷄 Curry Chicken | 凉瓜肉片 Slice Pork with Bitter Melon
鮮茄牛肉 Chicken with tomato | 火肉飯 Roasted pig
滑旦牛肉 Beef with egg | 义燒飯 Roasted Pork
凉瓜牛肉 Beef with Bitter Melon | 豉油鷄飯 Soy Sauce Chicken
時菜班球 Fish with Vegetables | 燒鴨飯 Roasted Duck
滑旦虾仁 Shrimp with egg | 葱油鷄飯 Ginger Scallion Chicken
什菜豆腐 Tofu with Mixed Vegetables | 燒臘雙併 Two kind Of BBQ